The Drew Barrymore Show Is Amazing For Mental Health!

I honestly had no plans to watch this show. Though, I’ve always loved Drew Barrymore as an actress. As people kept flooding my timeline with her debut episode, some previews of her show hit my Twitter timeline and it kind of shocked me.

Drew was talking about mental health and life. It was like a breath of fresh air on a breezy spring morning. Someone with a huge platform and audience is using her celebrity status for good? No way!

Negative news stories have become the normal for far too long. Even Ellen Degeneres always seemed like a fraud to me. Nothing about those type of shows feels authentic. Imagine the smile on my face when I made the decision to watch The Drew Barrymore Show.

Right off the bat, it is a live show. I can understand why people will most likely criticize this. As a society, we’ve gotten so used to things being close to perfect.

When you watch a show, you’re not going to see many hiccups. You will not hear someone constantly stuttering their words. We just kind of expect perfection. We want everything to be close to perfect or we won’t watch it at all.

Simply put, a few minutes into watch Drew’s show and she stuttered a bunch of times. She looked and sounded nervous. Yet, I loved every minute of it. Why? Because it felt fucking authentic. Drew isn’t a robot. She’s a real person who wants to talk about real things. It fits who she’s always been as a person and it fits the theme of her show. Authenticity. A genuine person with a kind soul.

She talked about how she wants to use her show to talk about inspirational things and give good news. This is why if anybody deserves a talk show it’s Drew Barrymore. I’ve always known her to be a sweetheart. Most of the time, when I watch a talk show it always feels fake to me. Drew’s show doesn’t, and I respect the direction that she’s trying to take the show in. Especially for somebody like me who suffers from anxiety disorder and depression.

She first brought out a man who built a no judgement food pantry for people who needed groceries. Hearing him talk about how people brought in food for his cause, after hearing his story, made me cry. Drew then quoted “We can, by our actions, be an example to our children.” That was such a genuine moment. His goal is to eventually open up a whole kitchen, to feed more people. What a great man.

Drew then presented him with a $10’000 cheque and at this point I yelled at the person in my building who was cutting onions.

Then there was a Charlie’s Angels reunion and it was just nice to see her friends having a genuine conversation about life and how much they admire Drew as a person. It didn’t feel like a scripted robotic segment. Drew was tearing up because her friends were there to support her during a big moment in her life. It was really cool to see.

Drew’s show remained consistent throughout. It is a show designed to inspire people. Nobody is going to do that better than Drew. I look forward to see the future of where this show goes and will not miss an episode!

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