Please, hire me. I love you. Please!

I have written content for thousands of people around the world, for 11 years. My rates are $10 per 100 words for blogs and articles. For screenplay and web series scripts I charge $5 per page, as those require much more work and effort. I specialize in comedy, mental health, music, video games, movie reviews, and current news/social media trends. If you would like something else then just let me know in your email.

All payments must be sent to paypal.me/musiclovernews. You must create a Paypal account to send me payments. You may also manually send payments to my Paypal email tastyshortfilmreviews@outlook.com if you don’t feel comfortable clicking that link.

Your safety and privacy is important to me. I can understand that some people may not trust a link from someone they don’t know.

Do not send payments until I have let you know that I have FINISHED the work. I don’t want anybody to be ripped off. If I miss an email, not knowing you wanted my services, and you’ve sent a payment, I’ll feel awful. I want everyone to be happy! 10% of money from every order will go to a mental health charity of my choosing!

My work can be seen here, in the blogs and articles section.

I have never had anybody ask for a refund, but in case something does happen or you aren’t satisfied, refunds must be issued through Paypal and not me. You can easily refund any purchase you’ve made through your account. If you have trouble then please contact Paypal. I try my very best to avoid that happening. I send you my full work and will ask if you like it. I will make changes if necessary. I am here to just have a good time with you guys. I don’t want anybody to be sad or angry at me!

Guaranteed 24 hour delivery service and privacy agreement

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As soon as you send me an email stating exactly what you’d like done, I will give you high quality work within 24 hours. This offer is ONLY for blogs and articles.

The privacy agreement ensures that I keep all work related info with my clients private. Only with YOUR permission will I tell anyone I’ve written for you.

Blogs and articles

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High quality blogs and/or articles. Not only will you receive a well-written piece, but I add my very unique personality to each one. I can make it serious, heartfelt, educational, or funny! The power is in your hands!

Please do not ask me to write anything offensive. Let’s keep it respectful!


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I use WriterDuet to write scripts. I can write for short films, long films, and web series. I can also help independent Youtubers who work by themselves.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can work together to create something special! Please fill out the form to the left and provide specific details about the type of work you’d like and how long you’d like it to be.

If you would like to hire me for a permanent part-time or full-time schedule then I will give you 50% off my prices!

Opening Hours

9:00 am – 11:00 pm
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